Silver Acorns

silver acorns in the forest


Silver Acorns are Treasure in the Forest

Silver Acorns ! Autumn is well and truly underway here in the Forest of Dean and I’ve been finding silver and gold treasure all over the forest floor. The leaves haven’t yet turned into their annual hues of reds, golds and deep browns but the acorns are building up on the ground.  You might see the fruits of an oak tree – I see silver acorns !

As I walk my dog in the stunning surroundings of ancient majestic trees, I find myself crunching on the acorns which haven’t yet been scooped up by the hungry wild boars and squirrels. What better inspiration for my work. I took one home and sand casted it in my studio into a weighty silver pendant using scrap sterling silver from the leftovers of other silver projects and here it is….

If you’ve never visited the Forest of Dean, you should do – it’s surely England’s best kept secret …

If you’d like to find your own acorn and have it transmogrified * into a glorious sterling silver pendant, just get in touch and we’ll sort something out. Maybe you’ve been on a lovely walk with someone special and picked out a couple of acorns together?

*transmogrified: to change or alter one thing into something else, magically and in a surprising manner.

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